INKED BY JIMZ makes best tattoo in Bali where only the best of the best tattoo artists are found. Located in a cozy area not far from the beach near Seminyak and Kuta. Jimz have years of experience in the art of tattooing and have received multiple international awards in tattoo competitions worldwide. Rolling in the tattoo industry for more than 10 years ! He also been invited as guest artist to other tattoo studios in Europe and Australia, and have mentored other Award Winning Tattoo Artists. We use only the best tattoo equipment along with state of the art sterilization tools and disposable needles & tips to make sure that our hygiene practices are within or surpassing International health standards. And he also owned and the head artist of TOBY MYER TATTOO



At INKED BY JIMZ our customer’s health and safety is our top priority. We take great pride and care to ensure that all of the equipment used in the studio along with our hygiene practices are within international health and safety standards.

Our equipment and hygiene standards are recognized by both the P.T.A.A (Professional Tattoo Association of Australia) and T.H.R.S (Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme UK). We only use advanced sterilization equipment, brand new disposable needles and disposable tips to ensure a hygienic work environment and customer satisfaction.

All of our inks, aftercare lotions, stencil paper, cleaning products and creams are completely VEGAN FRIENDLY. We use products such as Eternal, Fusion, Dynamic and Intenze inks,  Balm Tattoo creams as an aftercare, and UV Sterilizer Box for keeping our machines. So you can rest assured you’re getting the best  of the industry. With a sterile work environment and superior aftercare consultation each and every tattoo made at INKED BY JIMZ is guaranteed to heal perfectly and transform your skin into art.


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